About Alexandra


Alexandra always knew she’d settle in NYC.  As a small town girl in Kansas (insert Dorothy joke here) she would watch Fame on repeat and dream of the day when she’d move to the big city and dance on cafeteria tables. Her mother promptly reminded her that the world does not in fact revolve around her, and while she would support her dreams she would not be renting her an apartment in New York at the ripe age of 12 to hone her craft.  Needless to say she was devastated.

Alexandra eventually left Kansas to attend the Boston Conservatory where she graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre. Shortly thereafter she joined the original touring company of The Addams Family, and spent the next few years living life as a Broadway gypsy - jumping around on different tours before finally settling in the New York of Cities. Alex has been seen on Broadway and has appeared in various National Tours and regional houses across the country.

After realizing what a crazy life she signed up for, Alex got to thinking how she certainly can’t be the only creative who struggles with things like Fear, Rejection, Inspiration and such. In order to go through that with a little more grace and humor (and also to preserve some sanity) she and her dear friend Dustin decided to launch the podcast Pull It Together - a new podcast about two control freaks navigating life as creatives while learning to let go and let the universe do it’s thing.

Alex loves fancy things, but is secretly happiest drinking a bottle of wine and watching Game of Thrones with her mini aussie. She is an avid supporter of crop tops, and it is said she can assemble the most impressive charcuterie board this side of the Mississippi.