But the performer you can’t take your eyes off of is — quite appropriately — Alexandra Matteo as Stephanie Mangano, the woman who sweeps Tony off his feet. From the moment she steps onto the dance floor, it’s clear that she’s more graceful, more alluring— more special — than any other woman in the horde vying for Tony’s affections. And Matteo’s singing voice and acting chops are equal to her moves — she is a force.
— Paige Van Antwerp, The Newsweekly USA Today
There are sensitive performances (and superb singing) from the two women in Tony’s life – Alexandra Matteo as ambitious Stephanie.
— Tim Dunleavy, DC metro Theatre Arts
While Alexandra demonstrates incredible strength in voice and dance skill, she is still able to impart the delicate and vulnerable qualities of the character. Her graceful movements in gorgeous dance dresses make those sequences delightful to behold.
— Sally Dillon, Planet Vero
Alexandra Matteo’s languid vocals drive the show with a sensual rhythm.  Though an understudy, Miss Matteo brought her own sensibility to the vocals drawing the audience in with her hip swaying, leaving them begging for more.
— Paul Davis, TheatreBloom Baltimore